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Own a Barrel of Lark Single Malt Whisky

Lark offer a very popular 20 litre barrel program whereby customers can purchase small barrels of new-make spirit, which are stored under bond until such time as you wish to take possession of the whisky. We then offer to bottle the whisky for the client, for either personal consumption, retail sale or to be used as corporate gifts.

It is truly rewarding to own a barrel and experience the whisky maturing over time.

To find out more please click here, or order your own barrel, please call Mark Nicholson at our cellar door on 03 6231 9088  or email   



Lark is an Australian single malt whisky, proudly unique in character and style, crafted in small batches exclusively from pure Tasmanian ingredients, matured in small barrels, hand-bottled by whisky lovers in Tasmania for whisky lovers world-wide.

Lark Distillery was the first licensed distillery in Tasmania since 1839. It was established in 1992 to produce  Australian malt whisky, rich in character with a big finish using Tasmanian ingredients. Lark Distillery is very proudly a boutique Tasmanian owned distillery dedicated to maintaining its proven high quality malt whisky and other unique Tasmanian spirits.

Want to come visit us? Take a tour, do a tasting at our cellar door or enjoy the live music. Check out our bands and events coming up here.

Contact us: 14 Davey Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

Phone: 03 6231 9088

Latest News!

world whisky day saturday 17th may

Come and join Lark as we unite the world and rejoice in the miracle of whisky; all whisky and any whisky, of any creed, colour, or country. If you are a whisky lover or layman, you are welcome and invited to the Lark Cellar Door Whisky Bar to partake in celebrating the grainy goodness of uisge betha - "water of life", with free whisky inspired music in the evening and ticketed masterclasses during the day. Visit our events page for more information or contact us.

Lark's 1000th Barrel:

After 22 years and 999 casks we will be filling our 1000th Cask on Wednesday 30 April 2014.  Our cooper has carefully selected a 100 litre 'Para Port' Cask from the iconic Seppeltsfield Winery in the Barossa Valley (SA).  There are only 30 public tickets to this historic event so contact Jane at to book yours.

Tasmanian whisky trail:

The Tasmanian Whisky Trail in now officially up and running.  Check out the website and plan your Tasmanian whisky adventure today! After

The Lark has been named 'Australian Distiller of the year' & 'Best Australian Whisky'

The Lark has been honoured at the recent inaugural Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards Australian Distilled Spirits & Liqueurs competition.  We received both the Australian Distiller of the year award and the award for best  Australian Whisky.  These awards topped of a great Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Festival where we were able to meet many Lark fans and introduce many more to our whisky.

Lark is getting on board with the Spirit of tasmania: 

The Lark Distillery has also teamed up with TT line, who are doing an amazing job of using and promoting Tasmanian food, wine and spirits on board both the Spirit of Tasmania 1 & 2.  Check out their Video for a great look into us and what we do here at the Lark.